The week in Engadget

Lots and lots of great stuff this week, and in case you missed any of them, here are some highlights:

Engadget Exclusive: Your phone is obsolete

Verizon's globalphone

The GameBike

The Solar Plant


Goodbye pPod

Water-powered toy car

Record video clips with your Treo 600

The real Swiss Army Knife of gadgets

Game over

The design fetishist's dustbuster

The Eyetop Centra

In-car porn not a good thing

Top secret Nintendo DS/Nitro specs!

The house-building robot

Nokia sends mobile spam, breaks own cellphones

Another sign of the Treo 610?

The Toyotabot

Calling for Chris Rock

The Cameraphone Underground

No escape: how to get cellphone coverage everywhere

Keeping you in the picture

The mobile novel

The Mini Cooper bot