The week in Engadget

In case you missed any of them, here are some highlights from the past week of Engadget:


linksys wireless-b music adapterThe Linksys Wireless-B Music System (pictured at right)

Track your kids with Bluetags

The $400 Yo-Yo

Sony's iPod clone is coming

ESC chairs

The Porsche Cell Solution

Karl Lagerfeld's forty iPods

ThinkPad to come in many colors

The text messaging Barbie

When animals attack cellphones

Samsung's plasma TVs get banned in Japan

The Octopus Robot, Not A Robot Octopus

Little known Chinese manufacturer builds world's largest plasma TV

Sony's latest superexpensive toys

Paying by sub-dermal microchip

IDT wants to make an end run around the cell carriers with WiFi phone service


The Beepcard: the voice-activated credit card

TV-to-cellphone SD card video recorder

The Wi-Pics WiFi attachment for digital cameras

TiVo not ruining TV

The WiFi Seeker

Daxian's Pocket PC Phone with a built-in keyboard

pt's How-to Fridays: Using a GPS watch, XML, and satellite photos

Maxing out at mini

Treo 610 coming from Verizon Wireless?