The week in Engadget

In case you missed any of them, some highlights from the past seven days of Engadget:
cowon iaudio m3 Slimmer and lighter than the iPod - A review of Cowon's iAudio M3
Ending the iPod mini shortage
Omnifi's new DMP2 — A digital entertainment hub for your car
Live from E3: More PSP pics!
DIY remote controlled Bluetooth car
CubeSolver — a Rubik's puzzle solver robot
World's first 3 megapixel cameraphone
The Grand Challenge to become ever more grand
Cellphones do not start gas station fires
Engadget visits NYU's ITP Spring Show
pt's "How-To" Tuesday…How to play purchased music on other systems
The Hands Free Panda
iRiver's new MP3 players
The megapixel race is ending
Blu becomes red: Sony's red laser Blu-ray DVD player
A PowerBook clone from ASUS
Biodegradable cardboard speakers
First review of Sony's iPod "killer"
Toilet abuse
Samsung's 46-inch high-def LCD TV
Details on the Game Boy Evolution and GameCube Next
Obvious iPod engraving
BT rolling out Bluetooth
Real photo of the new Sidekick!
DSC-T11 vs DSC-T1
Hands-on with the Phantom gaming console
The Frogtalk
Donate a used cellphone, get a bill for $1,200
The WiFi Lamp