The week in Engadget

In case you missed any of them, some highlights from the past seven days of Engadget:

itrip on miniExclusive: Review of Griffin's iTrip mini
Nokia announces 5 new phones and more
The Trikke scooter — the latest way for people to look dumb
Toshiba adds bigger, smaller Gigabeats
Segways in a hip hop video?
Burning cables
Gmail on mobile devices, redux
WWJD - What Would (Steve) Jobs Do? Tell us what you think and win an AirPort Express
Cell carriers about to get Napsterized? So what?
Nikon giving up on film?
How-To Tuesday: Make your own Pirate Radio Station with an iPod
Fujifilm's FinePix Square mini
The email alert mouse
DIY paper cradle for Sony Clies handhelds
Apple and BMW play nice
Finally get back to the future
TreoCentral's Bluetooth bounty
No PlayStation 3 until 2007?
DoCoMo launches mobile wallet cellphones
Introducing Joystiq
It's sort of official: the BMW iPod Adapter
DirecTV can't sue you just for owning unauthorized gear
Audiovox quitting the cellphone business
We have a winner — Intel's wireless Tablet PC surfboard
Laptops stolen from trade show about not getting stuff stolen
Napster giving away free MP3 players
The MessageEase touchpad
Samsung's latest ladies phone
New TV from Phillips converts 2D TV to 3D TV
The Engadget Father's Day Gift Guide
The M8370: GoDot's lawsuit bait