Cellphones in prison

prison smuggled cellphone

We don't know a lot about these things, but we're guessing that if your son is using a contraband cellphone in prison, you probably don't want to write a letter to the warden complaining about how bad the cellular reception is there. At least not if you don't want him to spend a few weeks in solitary confinment, at least. Anyway, not that this should come as any surprise, since we hear that the lines for the pay phones there are really long, but apparently smuggled cellphones have become a HUGE problem in prisons, with inmates using them to plot escapes, buy drugs, arrange hits, intimidate witnesses, etc. We'd be smug and recommend that prisons invest in some cellphone jammers (see the previous post), but apparently they interfere too much with the radios used by prison guards, so how about doing the next best thing and just start eavesdropping on their calls? Anyone who's up on their Foucault or Bentham knows that all you gotta do is make it clear that you can and the problem should solve itself.