"Watch this" Wednesday: The USB Memory Watch

usb watch

Each Wednesday for at least the next 5 or 6 weeks, or until we run out of gadget watches, we're going to showcase a gadget watch. This week we cover the USB Memory Watch.

What it is:  There are a few different kinds out there, but essentially a  USB watch is just a removable memory device, just plug it in on a Mac, PC or Linux computer and it'll show up as removable storage. It can be password protected and it can even be made to be a bootable device.

Why we like it: While it's not the most styling of gadget watches, having your PowerPoints, docs, videos, or whatever with you always has come in handy for us on more than one occasion.

Where to get it and how much: They come in 512MB, 256MB, and 128MB flavors, we got ours from ThinkGeek: price ranges $79 to $189 depending on the amount of storage.

Oh, and here's a quick video tour (WindowsMedia) of just some of the watches we're going to cover.