The week in Engadget

In case you missed any of them, some highlights from the past seven days of Engadget:

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TO:CA, Japanese morning wood
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Ignorance is no longer BLIS
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Toshiba to quit selling PDAs to consumers?
Say inMotion imMini three times fast
MyPostie: email for old folks
The LED balloon-lamp
Human-powered helicopter remains earthbound
It's in: PS3 going to use 25/50GB Blu-ray discs
The waterproof Blackjack table
Alaskan man charged acquitted in in-dash DVD murder case
Cracking the AirPort Express
Your photocopier has a virus
Jiangsu Shinco releases super-correcting DVD player, probably under duress of Chinese mafia
Add-on lenses for your cameraphone
It was only a matter of time… DefendAir Radio Shield paint
More Rio Chroma details — And yes, it's supposed to have a color screen
TiVo's secret weapon: Strangeberry
The hip-e: The technology industry finally pays attention to young people
PlayStation banned from Swedish prisons