Hands-on with the Treo 650

Treo 650 a

That's it, we're dropping everything and heading to Chattanooga. Apparently one of our readers says that he actually got hands-on with that obscure object of desire known as the Treo 650 while shopping at one of the Sprint Stores there. Here's what he had to say:

I was in the Sprint Store in Chattanooga TN yesterday talking about getting an upgrade flip phone for my girlfriend when the guy goes "hang on" runs over to another sales/tech rep and grabs something from behind the counter. He brings it over to me and it's the full Sprint-ized new Treo. I played with it and the screen is amazing and there is Bluetooth. The keyboard for this Sprint unit has all white keys as shown in the pics above but the number keys are darker; exactly opposite the current Treo 600. He confirmed it does have a removable battery and according to him does take great pictures. It seems very fast processor wise. It has built in camera that the screen keeps up with the movement of the user in real time, no waiting for the frames to catch up when you are framing a shot. Also a neat thing that I liked was that it appears to have a built in video recorder also. Didn't find out if it had sound or not. They said it will be a Christmas time release.

And in case you were thinking of dropping by and asking to see it (and then making a mad dash for the door once it's in your hands), he's talking about the Sprint Store located at 2108 Hamilton Place Blvd.