Migo: keep your desktop on your iPod

migoPowerHouse Technologies Group has announced that their Migo software is now available for iPods, at least the ones that work with PCs.  Migo allows people to bring their personalized computer setting anywhere their iPod is.  Migo software stores email, calendar, and contact information from Outlook, as well as IE bookmarks and history.  It also stores personal documents in the same document structure you have on your personal computer.  What's more, it lets you bring your desktop wallpaper with you werever you go…or me go…or Migo.  Ahem.  They way it works is thus: plug the Migo-equipped iPod into a foreign computer and it transforms into your own - your desktop pattern, email, contacts, and files are all there just like home.  Pull up Internet Explorer, and your bookmarks and history are all ready to go.  For security purposes, the folks at PowerHouse say that nothing will be left behind, including passwords and cookies, on the host computer.  The software sells for $99, and it's also available in a USB flash-key configuration if you don't have an iPod.