Coby TF-DVD500

We're not digging the cheapo plastic styling and all that, but we do have to admit that there's something oddly compelling about Coby's TF-DVD500 portable DVD player, which looks a knock-off Discman with a 3.5-inch screen grafted on the front. Besides regular DVDs it can also play CDs and MP3CDs, but near as we can tell it won't play a DVD-R with MPEGs burned onto it or anything like that (the funny thing is that its nearest competition, iRiver's iMP-1100 can play CD-Rs with DivX video files on them, but can't play regular DVDs). Retails for about $170, but the TF-DVD500 does have one weakness: you'll only get about 2.5 hours of viewing time out of its battery.

[Thanks, Ken]