Cell processor announced, and now we play the waiting game

Cell processor smaller

So with the Cell processor announced today, we thought we'd hit up a quick post-mortem of the details divulged at the ISSCC, but they really didn't divulge much that hadn't already been rumored, speculated, or leaked (so what else is new, right?).  Yes, they're calling it a "supercomputer" (never heard that pitch before), yes they're saying it'll be ten times faster than what's currently out, and yes, the part is running at more than 4GHz. What we didn't know is that bus will be built around Rambus's FlexIO technology with XDR memory, which will supposedly scale between 3.2 GHz to 8.0 GHz—pretty big numbers, but how much of this will turn out to be true and hype (and what it all means for real world performance) is yet to be seen. Stay tuned, as we can expect some interesting developments on the Cell in the coming months, no doubt.