Finnish overclockers break 3DMark world record

Overclocking with liquid nitrogen

You may think you have a cool computer, but these Finns — they have a cool computer. Cool as in freakin' cold, thanks to the overclockers' secret ingredient: liquid nitrogen. The Finnish gurus used two XFX GeForce 6800 GT cards with 256MB of 256-bit GDDR3 memory utilizing nVidia's SLI technology to achieve their feat. The whole liquid nitrogen bit enabled them to increase power to the memory modules and achieve a clock speed of 575 MHz and memory speed of 1300 MHz which, translated into overclocking speak, gave them a 3DMark score of 12,483. We don't know what that means other than that it would be a really weak showing in a pinball game, but for overclockers it's apparently quite screaming. We don't know if liquid nitrogen is specifically listed, but we have a feeling they probably voided the warranties on those cards.