Kensington combination digital FM transmitter/charger for iPod

Kensington Aerielle Digital FM transmitter/charger for iPod

We had to scrutinize this one pretty closely to determine what exactly makes this product different from this one, other than 20 bucks. They both do the same thing: transmit music from your iPod to your car's FM radio while simultaneously charging it. Both were designed by Kensington in combination with Aerielle Enabled. As far as we can tell, the only thing that's different about this version two is that it has a digital LCD display, and can transmit on any FM frequency of your choice — apparently with the previous incarnation, you were limited to whatever presets the unit shipped with. This updated version might come in handy for those who often drive in metro areas with crowded airwaves, or those who have a back-lit LCD fetish — otherwise, no need to run out and upgrade your old device.