Deutsche Telekom to sell T-Mobile?


Alright T-Mobile fans—we know how tired you are of seeing every hot phone get scooped up exclusively by The Other Guy, the lack of high-speed wireless data options (or even future plans for rollout), and the company generally stagnating. So it might please you to learn that T-Mo's parent company Deutsche Telekom is actually (finally) considering selling off its American mobile divison—something we didn't think we'd see anytime soon—and is expected to ultimately make a decision about its fate by the end of this year. The burning question then, of course, is who would want to buy little old T-Mo? Certainly it'd have to be for their customer base since their infrastructure is largely dependent upon Cingular, and with no current 3G rollout and network upgrade totals estimated at over $5 billion in the next few years, they'd almost seem like dead weight to anyone but themselves. A representative from Vodafone (who co-owns Verizon in the US) even already went on record as saying they "would not be interested in the T-Mobile USA assets," which would imply that if cut loose T-Mo'd probably have to buy themselves out or wait it out for a Cingular pickup. (Trust us, Sprint's got enough network issues on their hands as it is right now to deal with a CDMA/iDEN/GSM blend.) Any way you cut the cake though, without das father company holding them back, we're hoping they've still got a chance in hell to make sure the Sidekick isn't the last and only interesting thing they ever get done.