ellen feiss appleEllen Feiss, best only known as the breakout star of Apple's 2002 "Switch" campaign, has made the Editor's list of the Top 10 Web fads to date.

CNET says: "It's possible that Apple's 'switcher' campaign would have become a cult hit (or at least, a target of parody) all on its own. But we like to think that Ellen Feiss pretty much made the whole thing. In a short-lived commercial (Apple yanked it after too much attention and speculation), 15-year-old Feiss told a sad tale of stoner-sounding woe about a PC eating her paper and having to rewrite it. 'It was kind of,' she declared in red-eyed dismay, 'a bummer.' Oh, how we laughed. Oh, how we still do. "

Ellen comes in at number 7, just 3 slots ahead of (or is it behind?) the Dancing Baby (#4). The coveted # 1 spot is occupied by everyone's favorite rodent: Hamsterdance.

Be afraid, folks. Be very very afraid.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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