Life's Good at LG's Yacht Party

LG Celebration of 2005

So last night LG decided it'd be a hoot to sail me, Ryan, and a bunch of journalists around in a yacht called the Lady Windridge to show off their new Fall lineup of cellphones, TVs, home electronics, and, uh, refrigerators (which must have been a bitch to get onto the boat). Kicking it in a yacht with lots of gadgets sounds more glam than it really was, so fortunately we were able to stay focused on the task at hand. Here's a little roundup of some of what we saw there:

LG LRY-517

The LRY-517, LG?s Super Multi Format DVD Recorder & VCR. Records in DVD?R, DVD?RW, and DVD-RAM formats, and can playback DivX/MPEG4 video files as well as a slew of different DVD and CD formats. Also sports a built-in memory card reader; it should retail for $449.

LG LRM-519
The LRM-519. This one threw Ryan and me for a loop, because at first it looks like it?s running Windows XP Media Center Edition, but on closer inspection it?s actually running an embedded version of Windows for set top boxes (no one on the boat knew which, though). Anyway, this one?s a combination DVR/DVD recorder that can store up to 160 hours of video and?ll let you burn copies of shows and stream audio and video content around your home network. Should be out in October with a retail price of $699.95, but the catch is that they?re getting all TiVo-like and charging $9.95 for access to the Microsoft Program Guide or $249.95 for a lifetime subscription.

LG Flatron L3200TF
The Flatron L3200TF, LG?s latest 32-inch LCD TV/monitor. This one?s got a widescreen 1366 x 768 resolution, 178 degree viewing angle, 8ms pixel response time, and detachable speakers.

That?s not all we saw there, we?ll have a couple more posts up later this afternoon.