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B&O said to be updating audio products

Marc Perton

bang and olufsen

File this under the usual "rumors" heading — though the pics we've seen look pretty good. Bang & Olufsen is said to be updating a slew of its products, including the BeoSound audio systems. Word is that the BeoSound 4 CD deck will include DAB, as well as an SD slot for direct ripping of CDs. And to play back those ripped CDs, the company will reportedly ship a new portable to replace the BeoSound 2. The BeoSound 3 is said to include an SD slot like its predecessor, and add an FM radio. It also moves away from the circular shape of the BeoSound 2 to a pendant design, and sports a popup external antenna for better FM tuning. And it will undoubtedly be the most expensive flash player on the market once it's released.

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