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Peeping Sony's new LocationFree TV LF-X11 and LF-PK1

Ryan Block , @ryan

Sony Locationfree TV LF-X11

We had a run in with Sony's new LF-PK1 LocationFree TV device, the one that allows you to place-shift your media via their LocationFree TV software, or, optionally, their LocationFree TV displays (like the new 12-inch LF-X11). Unfortunately the LF-X11 is as expensive as ever at $1,500, but at least they've added MPEG-4 support (among other things), and boosted the in-home signal range to about 100 feet. The base unit's a much more affordable $350, but when you can just as easily rock a much more flexible solution like Orb, real free seems a bit more compelling than LocationFree.

Sony Locationfree TV LF-PK1
Sony Locationfree TV LF-PK1

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