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Forrester declares Blu-ray undisputed winner

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Blu-ray + HD DVD

Guess someone forgot to let the venerable and distinguished tech analyst firm Forrester Research know that the first next-gen optical devices haven't even actually hit the market yet—but that didn't seem to stop one of their analysts, Ted Schadler, from going on record as having said it's "clear… that the Sony-led Blu-Ray format will win [the format war]." Heavy, dude. In fact, despite our gradual leaning toward Blu-ray (for a variety of reasons we won't get into here and now) over HD DVD, we'd only feel right ourselves going on the record as saying we think it's still way, way too soon to call this race in favor of either format, especially considering that the studios haven't even fully shaken out which standards they're working with and that the standards themselves in some cases aren't even fully spec'ed out. But we so can't wait until Vegas puts odds on this.

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