According to Akihabara News, an iRIVER portable game system will be unveiled at CES 2006. Dubbed the G10, the handheld will play 3D games on a 800x400 screen. From the article: "The parent company of iRIVER, Reigncom, has announced the G10 for CES 2006. It's a console similar to the PSP or Nintendo DS but it runs on Windows Mobile 5 and has between 4 and 8GB of storage space."

We've seen many gaming handhelds perform poorly over the past few years, namely Nokia's n-Gage and the Gizmondo. While we don't want to wish failure upon anyone, it should be tough for the G10 to compete. While a three player home console market seems to be doing well, could a third player really compete in the handheld industry against a dominant Nintendo and vying Sony?

[Thanks, Aztech, via Engadget]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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