SplitFish also had their EyeFX 3D Adapter on display. According to the company, since many PS2 games are rendered in true 3D, before being flattened into a 2D image, it's possible, with the EyeFX, to restore these titles--approximately 14% of the PS2 library--to their original 3D glory. A neat demo disc showed off the effect, as we watched a tiny insect fly out of the screen and hover just a few inches from our eyes. Cool. But that was a demo, what about those "3D" games?

SplitFish whipped out Ace Combat 4, which the company claimed showcased the EyeFX better than any other title. All we saw was a choppy image that made us airsick. But apparently, the rep couldn't get the "3D sensitivity" properly tweaked before the time limit in the arcade mission expired... at least your $50 will buy you a rockin' pair of shades.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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