Today in Joystiq: January 9, 2006

The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show is finally over, and we could not be more hungover broke relieved to be back in our routine schedule. Tripod sings about the essence of true love, Nintendo shoots down the National Geographic Kids article as "speculation," and Engadget scores another insightful interview with Bill Gates. Here are the highlights for today:

CES 2006 Coverage

CES roundup: It's a wrap
Engadget chats with Gates; 360, PS3, HD DVD

Microsoft abandons 3 million target
Blind Gamer preps for Kombat in Japan
Gamers could decide format winner
Take-Two acquires Irrational; BioShock coming to 360?

Nintendo eyes Metroid spin-off
Nintendo shoots down Revo details: "still speculation"

The truth about gettin' down (or "couples multiplayer")
Most anticipated PC games of 2006
Challenging the Revolution controller
GUN PLAY: theater about video games
A developer's look at the PlayStation 3
Howard Stringer, the "affable axe-wielder"
Keyboard and gamepad's unholy love child