Cisco and TiVo sittin' in a tree?

TiVoIt's just speculatory rumors at the moment, but according to some of CNET's sources, the "potential for an interesting partnership" between Cisco and TiVo does exist. That's not really a stretch when you put a few pieces of the puzzle together. Cisco knows that its core competency of networking is only a means to many ends: HDTV could easily be one of those ends. Factor in that Cicso bought one of the largest cable set-top box manufacturers when it snapped up Scientific-Atlanta last year as well as Linksys, who has a small scattering of networked entertainment products, and you can see the digital handwriting on the wall.

TiVo would garner Cisco another well-known brand and hopefully accelerate the continued usage of networked digital devices in the home entertainment room. You be the "analyst:": would a TiVo purchase by Cisco be good for one of them, both of them or neither of them?

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