Today in Engadget Mobile: February 16, 2006

Oh, the hurtin' we had to endure today over here at Tha Mob. First we got teased by a speculative rumor that claimed Apple was lifting the 100-song cap on iTunes phones (which they vigorously deny), then we found out that the next revision of WM5 probably won't be A2DP-compliant (hey, at least we can still listen to tunes through our mono headset), and worst of all, we watched a group of depraved individuals torture a helpless RAZR with knives and explosives- oh, the humanity! On a brighter note, Helio announced a partnership with MySpace, we spotted some tantalizing pics of the might-be-Sidekick III, and learned that Skype for Symbian may be close at hand. Oh, and then there's the little matter of that Treo...