Do you remember the last time you raided the city of your opposing faction?  Me neither.  It's those dishonorable kills - you can't help but pick them up in enemy territory.  When Blizzard implemented the honor system several patches ago, they added the concept of "dishonorable" kills that would lower your honor ranking, mainly for killing "civilian" NPCs.  The problem is that civilian NPCs will assist other NPCs, which leads, nearly inevitably, to them attacking you when you're fighting in enemy territory.  It's so problematic, that various members of the community have called for the removal of dishonorable kills entirely, but Blizzard seems to have faith in the system - in fact, they're tweaking it in 1.10 with hopes of reducing the number of DKs received in "friendly" PvP raids.

[Fan art by Lan Jun Kang]

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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