Today in Joystiq: April 21, 2006

Sony's minimal price cut shows little excitement, Microsoft looks to make their image more "kiddie," and we choose you, Giant Lizard Monster, for the Joystiq t-shirt. While we lament paying $7.50 for Silent Hill, here are the highlights for today:

Pre-E3 Craziness
Downloadable content at Sony's E3 press conference
Crash & Spyro headline Vivendi E3 lineup

Joystiq poll: Waiting for E3
Ad critic: Oblivion ad hot or not?
The 2006 Joystiq t-shirt
Joystiq Review: Silent Hill (the movie)

AOL, Nintendo offer Revolution E3 sweepstakes
Geeks, gamers, and grandmas alike dig Brain Age
Xbox 360 to get CPU upgrade in 2007
Japanese sales charts, April 9-16: Brains, brains, brains
Foiled Columbine copycats are gamers ... so?
Microsoft after Sony's family friendly image
Guild Wars: Character slots for cash coming soon
Indiana Jones to raise bar for next-gen
Misleading TV ads face UK ban

Rumors & Speculation
Angelina Jolie to star in next Tomb Raider film?

Metroid Duck Hunters
PS2 price cut fails to impress
Scalpers want $1K for pair of E3 badges
10 franchises that need to return
What does your Animal Crossing town say about you?

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