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Weekend Review: this week's software

David Chartier
Grab a cup of coffee and get your downloading mice ready ladies and gents; this week's software review is coming at you:

  • AppZapper 1.5: minor fixes and improvements
  • ChatFX: spice up your iChat video conferences
  • TextExpander 1.3 (formerly Textpander): an essential utility gets even better
  • QuarkXPress 7 (yawn): but the Universal is still in beta
  • SubEthaEdit 2.5: the much loved collaborative text editor and code-ninja tool receives AppleScript-ability, bug fixes
  • Videator: be careful when using it to spice up your videos
  • iComment 4.1: maintenance release and compatibility with iWeb 1.1.x
  • DivX 6.5: Universal (and free) player along with a retail price encoder for indie video codec
  • Bricksmith (donationware): virtual legos on your Mac. I dare you to name something cooler
  • Safari Tidy (free): plug-in to check sites for XHTML compliance
  • CoreDuoTemp 0.8 (free): maintenance fix for utility to keep track of temp, CPU usage and frequency on Intel Macs
  • MappingService (donationware): get a map from any app
  • SmackBook (free): hilarious hack for multi-desktop management utility
  • Proxi 1.0 (free): broader app support for application automation utility from Griffin
Open Source
  • Maintenance 3.5: minor updates to fantastic Automator action/AppleScript
  • Password Assistant: hook into Keychain Access to easily create complicated passwords
  • Books: feature-rich book catalogging
Free Updates
Universal Binary
  • Delibar 0.8 (donationware): My personal favorite menubar bookmark utility

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