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Ask HD Beat: What HDTV should the President of Weblogs, Inc buy

Matt Burns

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These are the times that we here at HD Beat could use all of your collective HDTV experience as the President for our company has turned to us for help. Brian Alvey, the President of Weblogs, Inc, needs a new HDTV and is looking for recommendations. He is moving his current Mitsubishi big-screen (around 52-inches) to the basement because of glare and needs a replacement. This is your chance guys. You get to be the salesman here but keep in mind that we are trying to sell to the needs of the customer.

Brian is looking for the biggest and baddest HDTV he can fit in the same spot that is going to have little-to-no glare. He doesn't plan on using HD DVDs or Blu-ray ether - but that could change. The HDTV needs to be currently available and as he put it to us, "What I don't want is a recommendation to wait 6 months for 'technology X' that is going to change the market."

What you would recommend to Brian?

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