June NPD data: DS Lite sells like chapstick in Arizona

Ouch.While the Japanese have the numerical fortitude to compile amazingly accurate hardware and software sales data for their home nation, we in North American have to wait patiently as the NPD group quietly assembles data, one month at a time. Nevertheless, the numbers are in, and...well...they're pretty similar to Japan's.

Just like last month, New Super Mario Bros. reigns in the top spot. How did our favorite Italian plumber stave off the competition? Well, it turns out that when people buy a new system, they need to buy games to go with it. And when Nintendo sells six hundred thousand DS Lites in nineteen days, NSMB is a sure bet. Yes, the mono-colored DS Lite has faired quite ridiculously well in the states, leading to a 264% increase in DS software sales and propelling the industry to a 25% increase over June of 2005. In these doom-and-gloom times for the industry, this is a welcome sign of good fortune and prosperity. The Top 10 Selling Console Games list is as follows:

1) New Super Mario Bros. (DS, Nintendo)
2) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2, Rockstar/Take-Two)
3) Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (DS, Nintendo)
4) Cars (PS2, THQ)
5) Hitman: Blood Money (Xbox 360, Eidos)
6) Cars (Game Boy Advance, THQ)
7) FIFA World Cup 2006 (PS2, Electronic Arts)
8) Big Brain Academy (DS, Nintendo)
9) Hitman: Blood Money (PS2, Eidos)
10) Cars (GameCube, THQ)

Heck, there's even a Gamecube game up there. Freaking WOW.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.