21 hours with G4: the final ragging

The Game Rag could not wait any longer, so it posted the rest of its feature chronicling 21 hours watching G4TV. As the day progressed, and a new episode of Attack of the Show shone through crappy re--runs like a dimmed light, author Michael Piercey lamented at the cold truth: even if G4TV got the right formula for gamers, would we even watch?

Many of us yearn for a return to the days of TechTV, for various reasons (Leo LaPorte being one of the most frequently cited, but we also loved Eye Drops). Back then, GameSpot TV / Extended Play (the ancestors of X-Play) still got flak for being out-of-touch with gamers. We are a disparate lot, whose tastes have only be satiated by the multitude of outlets available on the internet. We are not defending G4TV; we just wonder if it is even possible to make a successful gaming channel.

It would need a few improvements and additions:

  • Coverage of major league gaming events, including discussions and tips from the major players
  • Daily news programs that highlight the biggest news of the day. This can pose a problem, as much of the news is made via the internet, and showing a website on a TV screen is boring (though necessary in this instance).
  • If you want to play re-runs, how about game-related cartoons and movies? Better yet, make it a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style show and lampoon every horrible attempt (read: every attempt so far) to make a game-to-film adaptation. Then show The Wizard.
  • Embrace public opinion. If people are saying you are horrible, roll with the punches. Showing some humbleness would not hurt right now.
  • Independent developers would love some on-air exposure, and there are more than enough out there to lessen the amount of necessary re-runs.
  • Do not talk down to gamers like we are children. Leave that to children's programming and remember that a majority of gamers fall into the Daily Show's target audience and older.
Game Rag boss Nathan Smart has also offered a rather tongue-in-cheek apology to G4TV.

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.