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Japan software sales chart, Aug. 7-13: The DS kicks back

Chris Powell

Another week, another software sales chart. Let me just say, I find it insane the Nintendo DS has games selling this crazy. Honestly, what is the deal here? Does Nintendo package a hit of crack in every box or something? This week, seven out of 10 games belong to the Nintendo DS.

1. New Super Mario Bros. (DS) - 117,706 / 2,731,934
2. Tamagotchi Shop 2 (DS) - 66,564 / 334,875
3. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (PS2) - 64,980 / *NEW*
4. More Brain Training (DS) - 59,585 / 2,985,432
5. Cooking Navi (DS) - 57,257 / 290,960
6. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) - 44,201 / 3,077,295
7. Brain Training (DS) - 38,954 / 2,688,146
8. SD Gundam Generation G Portable (PSP) - 36,592 / 192,227
9. Fist of the North Star Pachislot (PS2) - 33,951 / 116,507
10. Kirarin * Revolution: Kira Kira Idol Audition (DS) - 33,332 / *NEW*

As you might have noticed, New Super Mario Bros. reclaimed the top spot, knocking off Gundam, which spiraled down to the eighth spot. Wow, what a drop. Gundam was the fastest one-week selling PSP game ever, but I don't think it's going to break any more records with its extreme drop in sales.

I had a DS and really liked it, but, after awhile, there weren't really any games that interested me, so I sold it. But now with all these games selling so well, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing out on something here.

(Via PSP Advanced)

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