PS3 controllerAccording to, Sony will let the curtain drop at Tokyo Game Show in September with plans to feature 27 playable PlayStation 3 titles and additional (non-playable) displays for at least 8 other titles. Currently, reports out of Leipzig confirm that Sony is not featuring playable PS3 games, or for that matter, a hardware display at GC 2006. A partial list of playable titles to be featured at TGS follows:
  • Armored Core 4
  • Blade Storm: Hundred Years War
  • Coded Arms: Assault
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Everybody's Golf 5
  • The Eye of Judgment
  • Fatal Inertia
  • Formula One World Championship
  • Genji
  • Gran Turismo Series
  • Heavenly Sword
  • LAIR
  • Mahjong Taikai
  • Mobile Suit Gundam
  • MotorStorm
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Ridge Racer 7
  • Warhawk

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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