Today in Joystiq: September 14, 2006

Not content with simply letting information drip, Nintendo decided to crank the faucet and throw all their cards on the table (oh my, look at all the bad clichés ... ). We still have the European launch date to discover; in the meantime, check out the highlights for today:

All things Wii ...
Nintendo Japan conference not-so-liveblogging
NYT: Wii to launch Nov. 19 for $250 in US
USA Today confirms U.S. Wii price, date
U.S. Nintendo presser somewhat-liveblogging
Nintendo releases Wii promo materials, games list
Wii not supporting DVD playback
Wii Sports to include tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and boxing
MMO golf game tees off
Critiquing Nintendo's Wii launch details
First-party Wii games will be region-free
Wii hardware to be profitable at launch
Rational gamers choose subsidized hardware, all else equal
Wii: then and now

... and everything else
Atari announces NWN2 Limited Edition
EQII: Echoes of Faydwer previewed
Columbine game scapegoated for Montreal shootings

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