Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Reader's Choice II [update 1]

Props to last week's winners Kilobyte and Cubetoons. We've received so many reader submissions that ... well ... I'm afraid we're going to have to close the games, lock the doors, and let the Joystiq readers decide what goes on the recap. Every tip and comment we received over the last week that has suggested a gaming comic -- either of their own creation or just a favorite they stumbled upon -- comprises the polls this week.

Here are your choices for best gaming webcomics -- vote for your favorite strip! Booyakasha!

Super Hyper Cooking Mama 2 Turbo
Nintendo? Call us?
Poor Mega-Man ...
Apparently, size does matter
Gloating much?
... so confused.

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[Update 1: add some clarification as to "reader's choice" in the introductory paragraph.]

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