You'd think they'd have enough of these HD LCDs of theirs to be getting on with by now, but JVC Victor just can't seem to resist another size/res combo if afforded to them, and we can't really complain when they're dropping 1,920 x 1,080 displays like this. Their new 42-inch LT-42LH800 and 37-inch LT-37LH800 HDTVs have plenty to love under the hood, including 500 nits of brightness, 14-bit "GENESSA" processing and that lovable "MaxxBass" spec that JVC is so fond of. Plugs are aplenty as well, with dual HDMI, a single D4 plug, component, i.LINK, Ethernet and optical audio out. The prices aren't quite so fun, but 450,000 Yen ($3,815 US) and 350,000 Yen ($2,967 US) aren't terrible pricetags for some 42-inch and 37-inch displays with this kind of spec love. Both displays should be out in early November.

[Via Impress]

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