Verizon Wireless has announced that it is shipping the LG VX3450, an entry-level clamshell that replaces the VX3300. The low pricing -- $29.99 on a 2 year contract, or $79.99 on a 1 year contract -- reflects the phone's skeletal feature set (Verizon claims it's for people who "want to keep life simple"): for your money you get a basic blue flip-phone with an external antenna, a speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, an external mono-display, and wait for it... a custom ringtone composer! As you can probably tell, we're not too ecstatic about the VX3450, but as it's one of the cheapest handsets from Verizon Wireless you can probably expect to see a whole lot of them out and about from now on. So just consider this post as a friendly warning, m'kay?

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