Flirting!The DS has suffered much criticism for the antiquity of its "Friend Code" system, whereby players may only become online "friends" through the manual sharing and entering of a random, twelve-digit code. Even worse is the fact that each DS game and system combination generates a different friend code, so one needs to reshare and reenter a new code for every Wi-Fi enabled game. Archaic? Yes. Overly protective of small children? You betcha.

Well, word on the street (and an unconfirmed word!) is that Wii will also be utilizing a Friend Code system. While this is not surprising, it seems as though Nintendo took a bit of a hint and reduced the Friend Code to being system dependent only. It's unclear whether a different code might be generated for different user profiles on an individual Wii, but at least we can memorize the digits as we would a personal phone-number.

"Check it, man, I got her digits."

"Sweet, you can play her tomorrow on Brawl."

[via Joystiq]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.