Toy industry trade magazine, Toy Wishes, complied compiled its annual "Hot Dozen" list of this year's push-down-anyone-weaker-than-you, must-grab toys. Nestled among Elmos that yearn to be tickled (to the extreme!) and playfully misspelled dolls that mistake "S" for "Z," sits the console with its own strange spelling. Yes, the Wii is the only videogame system that Toy Wishes thinks will earn stampeding parents and childrens' love.

The Reuters coverage of the Hot Dozen -- Toy Wishes hasn't published it online -- mentions that the Wii qualifies as "family entertainment," a possible reason the PS3 didn't make the cut. Toys "R" Us took a similar angle when naming only the Wii to its list, saying the PS3 is "geared to a savvy gaming enthusiast," and the Wii is for kids and adults.

Published since 1999, previous lists have accurately predicted sell-outs, according to

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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