Wii virtual console details

Computer and Video Games has put up an excellent interview that answers some of the lingering questions about the Wii virtual console. Among the interesting points:
  • The virtual console controller will not work on GameCube games, but the GameCube controller will work on Virtual console games. (To recap: VC controller + GC game = NO. GC controller + VC game = YES)
  • NES virtual console games can be played using the packed-in remote.
  • Games are locked to a specific system on download and can't be transported from house to house on an SD card.
  • Games can be re-downloaded for free in case of deletion or system failure.
  • Gamers can store up to 10,000 VC points ($100) on their account at once.
Personally, I'm stoked that my GameCube controllers will work on any virtual console downloads, as I wasn't relishing spending $80 for four classic controllers just to play some multi-player Bomberman.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.