Mooooo! New animal-themed PSP faceplates coming soon

Mooooo! New animal-themed PSP faceplates coming soonTalismoon, the same company that brought us the Evolve line of PSP face plates, is gearing up to do something we haven't seen before - fur-themed faceplates. Yeah, you read that right. Cow and leopard-themed PSP faceplates with a fur-like finish will be available soon for $15 a hide.

"With the Talismoon upcoming range of Evolve 'Wild Jungle' edition for the PSP and Xbox 360, gamers will be treated to extreme levels of comfort thanks to a soft 'like fur' finish, as well as refreshing and unique new look," a press release stated. "Both sets of faceplates for PSP and Xbox 360 will come complete with everything needed for a pain-free install, and each fur faceplate pattern will be unique. Initial stocks will consist of a 'cow' or striking 'leopard' fur finish."

I'm not totally sure I want my PSP feeling like a cow when I'm playing a game of Warhammer, but this is just so bizarre, I'm going to have to buy one anyway.

[Via PSP-Vault]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.