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100-inch Home Video Arcade Center, a classic gamer's fantasy

Cyrus Farivar

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Earlier, we showed you some instructions for converting an arcade machine into a console game. But surely there are some of you out there that would say to us: "But Engadget, I like the plastic joystick alongside my big, colorful, and indestructible buttons. I wish I could play more games in that manner." You're well spoken. Oh, and this one's for you: those arcade-lovers at Dream Arcades in Folsom, California have just come out with a 100-inch Home Video Arcade Center that includes a big ol' portable projection screen. It's basically a PC fitted inside this control stand, and includes classic games like "Asteriods," "Missile Command," "Pac-Man," "Street Fighter II," and it will even play PlayStation and Xbox games as well. Kind of counter to the anti-MAME mods we're hooking up, and that hardware doesn't come cheap, as you might imagine -- we're talking $4,500 (plus shipping) at the introductory price, which will soon go up to the five G mark -- but there's just nothing like that authentic arcade feel.

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