PC World has just released their '20 Most Innovative Products for 2006,' and there isn't an Apple product in sight. Why, then, am I writing about it you might ask. Because 3 Mac related items did make it on the list:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo: This little chip powers the most recent crop of Macs and it clocked in (get it?) at number 2 on the list.
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac: Entering at number 3 is Parallels Desktop, the Mac app of 2006. No other app has received such good reviews, buzz, or accolades. The best part? All the praise is well deserved.
  • Google SketchUp: Google's relationship with the Mac has been rocky, but they are really working hard to patch things up. SketchUp is available for both Mac and PC and it is darn fun to play around with (and I bet it is even useful to some folks).
Congrats to everyone who made it onto the list this year, and boo to PC World for spreading the article across several pages.

[via the Official Parallels Virtualization Blog]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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