Just what happens when you take a futurist (read: fortune teller with a degree) and ask him what the video game landscape will look like in 2525? GameDaily elects to find out while speaking with Glen Hiemstra, a business forecaster.

Hiemstra believes Second Life serves as a good precursor to what we'll be playing in 25 years. Sounds exciting! Also, he expects the difference between real lfie and virtual life to be "indistinguishable" in 50 years, and that eventually gamers will use dozens of in-game doppelgangers all doing their thing instead of just one single avatar.

I, on the other hand, predict lots and lots of Lost in Space robots spewing derogatory remarks during online play, ruining everyone's fun. That and the unveiling that Soylent Green is, in fact, made of people.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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