Hot on the heels of Microtek unveiling four new plasmas to feast our eyes upon, the firm has taken the wraps off two new 42-inch LCD HDTVs, which marks its first offerings in the LCD TV realm. Both sets tout that oh-so-coveted (or not) 1080p "Full HD" resolution, 500 cd/m2 brightness, 1,200:1 contrast ratio, and a 176-degree viewing angle as well. Additionally, the firm claims that each set is calibrated at the factory to set the "optimum brightness, contrast, sharpness, color saturation, and color balance for a typical home viewing environment," but we're sure you videophiles out there could always find something just a bit off kilter. Nevertheless, both displays also feature ATSC / NTSC tuners, component / S-Video / composite inputs, VGA in, and HDMI for that silkly smooth 1,920 x 1,080 imagery. Likely to make an appearance at next week's CES, the pair of TVs should be available anytime now, and while the silver-clad L42CX2A will run you $1,899, the all-black Cineon CL42HA demands an extra Benjamin just for the "superior" color motif.

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