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Ms. Pac-Man waka wakas XBLA this week

Okay, we're prepared to accept all the cries of "hypocrite!" when we say this, but we're excited to announce that Ms. Pac-Man is this week's Xbox Live Arcade release. Normally we trash retro offerings, but as retro games go, it doesn't get much better than Ms. Pac-Man. The superior sequel to Pac-Man (duh), Ms. Pac-Man ups the ante with more speed, more levels, moving fuit, and, um, a bow. We kind of wish Namco had released Ms. Pac-Man to begin with, but then how would they ever have sold us Pac-Man? The game drops this Wednesday and will be available for 400 points. Check out the "read" link for more screen shots.

You may now proceed with the shouting.