Remember when good 'ole Peter Moore said last week that today would be the "most significant day in gaming for the next several years" as his company ushered in a more game-specific operating system in Vista? Well today has nearly come and gone, an we're still waiting for a sign. Something. An omen maybe? No, Solitaire doesn't count.

With that, the Associated Press reports on the few number of people who anxiously awaited the arrival of Vista today. From the article: "Consumers can finally get their hands on Microsoft Corp.'s long-delayed Windows Vista, but unlike the mad midnight rushes retailers saw with the recently released video game consoles, stores saw only a trickle of early adopters Tuesday."

Granted, no one -- including Microsoft -- expected console-like lines and mass hysteria for, uh... Windows. After all, most will wait until a new PC purchase or when their employer reluctantly upgrades. But to call this the most significant day of any kind? (Cue chirping crickets.)

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.