c'mon, you really believe it wouldn't happen?A PlayStation 2 listing for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories briefly appeared, and then disappeared on PlayStation.com, mimicking happenings on the ESRB website last week (VCS is no longer listed there either). As to be expected, Rockstar remains coy, having neither reiterated nor reversed its previous claim that the PSP exclusive would not be ported to PS2. Eurogamer supposes that there are still some financial issues to work out, namely retail price, before Rockstar and Take-Two go public with the port.

On the flip side, the VCS port could also be in the process of getting canned. Letting fans starve a little will help build anticipation for GTA IV -- not that it's needed. Pulling the plug on the port would more likely signal that Rockstar is concerned about diluting its key franchise.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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