Today in Joystiq: February 1, 2007

Pixelated Link graffiti provided by Hellblazer! (His exclamation point, not mine.) Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq interview: Soenke C. "Warby" Seidel
Playing Dirty: Good enough to eat
Ring of Death: A Xbox 360 story -- Part 1
Today's hottest game video: Wii Boxing beat-down

Games for Windows editors not sold on Vista yet
Tokyo Game Show 2007 extended to a four-day run
Sony explains UK's PS3 price, lack of 20GB model
European gamers to be caught in Gundam Crossfire
Capcom demos playable Flash version of Phoenix Wright 4
Rock the vote with legislative measures in 2007
Konami battles to draw with childhood obesity
FlatOut Ultimate Carnage crashing into Xbox 360
Lost Planet multiplayer patch March 9
Vista casual game problems are 'grossly overstated'
PSP hardware shipments plummet, software up slightly
Blast Factor multiplayer, Jet Moto (PS1) added to PS3 Store
Square Enix blames Wii friend codes for lack of FFXI
Bigger 360 Mem Unit resurfaces, forced back down
Darwinia upgrades for Vista
Online retailer quits selling games, blames industry
EA to publish Mercenaries 2, still PS3-only
Sweden to open virtual embassy in Second Life
Aquazone publisher fishing for MS Points, 5000 MS Points!
Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles unveiled for PSP
Konami announces Dewy's Adventure for Wii
EA pledges to be Nintendo's #2, Spore DS confirmed

CUBE video takes games to "a whole new dimension"
Animal Crossing banned from Japanese school

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