The Joystiq Weekend: February 3-4, 2007

Gentlemen, CountBlockula, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic koopa. Bowser will be that koopa. Better than he was before. Better...stronger...faster. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

Joystiq hands-on: Mad Catz Arcade GameStick (Xbox 360)
Shhh: Today's hottest game video: Zelda secrets
Today's hottest game video: GRAW 2
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Bleach edition

Dan Aykroyd busts out Ghostbusters info
GalCiv II: Dark Avatar goes gold, refines tech tree
Ten concept cars enter, only one races in PGR4
Lost Planet lost $40 million to find success
WoW: Burning Crusade digital distribution
GTA: San Andreas #1 in Japan
Jack Thompson faces disciplinary action
Path to PSP, PS2 now clear for 'Free Running'
Epic wants 40 UT3 maps, ponders platform-exclusive content
Korea Times blue over Brain Age recognition issue
GTA Coke (the drink) ad in Super Bowl
Windows XP games: We're not dead yet
Dark AleX releases PSP 'custom firmware' 3.10 OE-A
Dominance War 2 art contest with $10k in prizes

Rumors & Speculation
Ziff Davis games division cost too much?

Marketing: N'Gai and his Playboy playmate
Who to enhance with a gaming face-lift?

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