Today in Joystiq: February 9, 2007

Objection! Hold it! Take that! Having beaten the original Phoenix Wright today, I truly appreciate Sebastian Robinson's sense of style. Check out the highlights for today:

Happy Snake Man theme music day
Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 29 - Feb. 4: award-winning edition
Today's Mario-est video: World of Warcraft Super Mario Theme

FBI raid brings down illegal Lineage II service
Halo 3 Beta invitation confirms Crackdown disc needed
Gears of War wins big at Interactive Achievement Awards
Wii Zelda reaches one million in US sales
Microsoft celebrates Year of the Boar with boring bundles
New Penny Arcade Adventures promo shot drops hints
Games tackle psychology. How does that make you feel?
Former GameCube developer calls early Wii graphics sloppy
Battlestar Galactica game bound for XBLA, PC
Wright lets dev team talk Spore
FFXII themed DS Lite revealed for Japan

Rumors & Speculation
LocoRoco sequel outed? Not quite

Wii wrist weights? Why?
Sept. 11's effect on the coin-op industry
The Warriors tagging NYC?
iPod + Game Boy = iBoy
A little background on game analysts

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